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Colin Duncan is BST’s chief executive officer. He drives the strategy, vision, and innovation to ensure delivery of sustainable safety improvements across complex global operations and cultures. A widely sought-after speaker, Colin presents at conferences and seminars around the world, discussing strategies for sustainable performance improvement, safety deployment, and the impact of different cultures on safety. Originally from the U.K., Colin earned a bachelor’s degree from King’s College London. He now lives in Massachusetts.

Don Groover is a senior vice president at BST, working across all types of industries to help organizations create high-performing safety cultures and systems. He has contributed to a number of books, including “Leading with Safety,” by BST founder Tom Krause, and has also authored and co-authored numerous articles that have appeared in a variety of industry publications. Don holds master’s degrees in education and environmental health sciences.

Guy Boyd is the regional general manager for BST across Europe, Middle East, and Africa, overseeing all business development, intervention design, operations, and client service delivery for the region. With a wealth of multi-cultural and international expertise in management consulting, Guy is an experienced executive consultant and coach, and is a regular international conference presenter. Guy holds a bachelor’s degree in business studies from the University of Bradford, and lives in the U.K.

Jim Huggett is a senior vice president at BST, where he has coached more than 200 senior and enterprise-level executives, and led successful organizational culture change initiatives around the country. He is an effective and frequent public speaker, and his award-winning work on organizational development and culture has been published in the national business press. Jim earned his master’s degree in business management from Webster University in Missouri. As a senior vice president for BST,

Jim Spigener advises corporate leaders around the globe on how to leverage their roles to dramatically improve safety performance. He has helped companies worldwide to design, prepare, and implement successful safety solutions at every organizational level, from senior leaders to shop floor personnel. A highly regarded speaker, Jim has also co-authored books, as well as articles that have been published in a variety of industry and trade journals. He lives in Texas.

As a vice president at BST, Kristen Bell designs and leads strategic initiatives that reduce fatalities and injuries, strengthen safety culture, and improve overall organizational effectiveness. Partnering with senior leadership teams and other key stakeholders, Kristen brings custom-fit solutions that produce measurable results in challenging and complex situations. Kristen earned a master’s degree in clinical psychology from California State University-Northridge, and an MBA from California Lutheran University.

Richard Russell is managing director and co-founder of Russell Consulting, BST’s affiliate in Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea. A specialist in occupational medicine for more than 25 years, he also has 18 years of experience leading development and integration of safety, health, and environmental strategy and services in the industrial arena. His education includes bachelor’s degrees in medicine and surgery from the University of Adelaide, and a master’s degree in public health from Sydney University.

Ricky Yu is BST’s regional general manager in Asia, responsible for guiding BST growth, as well as the implementation of technical development and consulting services, in the area. He has over 22 years of experience in environmental health and safety management and operations. Ricky holds several degrees, including a master’s degree in international and public affairs from the University of Hong Kong, and an executive MBA from the University of Western Ontario in Canada. He lives in Singapore.

As an executive vice president for BST, Sarah Smith oversees client partnerships and implementations in the chemicals, water utilities, metals and mining, and rail industries. A dynamic consultant, Sarah specializes in helping organizations adapt improvement strategies such as multi-rater feedback and developmental planning. Sarah has a master’s degree in communications and management from Texas Tech University, and a bachelor’s degree in communications from Midwestern State University.

As president at BST, Scott Stricoff oversees the company’s consulting work and personally assists clients in improving safety leadership, management, and culture. Scott works with multi-national clients to provide safety and health management system assessments and audits. His work informs compliance verification for boards of directors, pre-acquisition risk assessment, and overall performance evaluation. Scott earned an MBA from Northeastern University and a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from MIT.

A leader in human-performance technology, Ted Apking helps executives understand and apply the principles of behavioral science to successfully implement critical strategic safety initiatives. As an executive vice president, Ted has global responsibility for BST’s extensive work in the oil and gas industry. He specializes in improving engineering, procurement, and contractor safety performance in energy development projects. Ted lives in the Michigan area, and holds a doctorate in applied behavior analysis from Western Michigan University.

Tom Krause is founder and senior advisor on research and thought leadership of BST. Since 1980, Dr. Krause has conducted research and designed interventions for accident and injury prevention, patient safety, quality improvement, culture change, and other targeted applications. Dr. Krause has authored four books on safety performance improvement, culture change, and leadership. He is presently writing the 2nd edition of “Leading with Safety,” a groundbreaking work on safety leadership and culture. A longtime resident of California, he earned his doctorate at the University of California, Irvine.